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Heavy Duty Hulls

In the past we have offered as an extra cost option, certain hulls from the range moulded to order using an alternative fibreglass resin with better heat resistance than the standard material, something that provided an extra margin of safety where steam was used. It became uneconomic to continue producing small numbers of hulls in a costly non-standard material, the extra expense over the standard hulls had become too great, so this service is no longer available. However, for a rather smaller increase than before over standard prices, we can instead offer hulls moulded with extra thickness in the bottom and sides up to deck level, all of which improves their resistance to higher temperatures, and the small amount of added weight low down can only help with stability. Please note that all standard hulls are perfectly satisfactory in every respect when used with steam power, as many hundreds of satisfied customers will confirm, and I've never used anything other than a completely standard production hull for my own steam powered models, but where the steam plant is totally enclosed or clearances will be very tight, a more substantial moulding may provide a small extra margin of safety.

As these thicker hulls are not stock items and have to be specially produced, delivery times will usually be a week or two longer. You can work the additional cost of a heavy duty hull out for yourself by adding 30% to the standard prices shown on the current list. Postage and packing costs are not affected.

If you have other special requirements of some kind, and you think that a modified version of one of the items in our range might be exactly what you are looking for, please don’t be afraid to ask. We are often able to accommodate unusual requirements for hulls trimmed with extra material around the edges, added local strengthening, non-standard colours etc., and are always happy to advise or discuss anything of this kind in detail with customers.