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523 Hull Length:930mm (36.5") Beam:230mm (9") Scale:1/24th
66 Hull Length:890mm (35") Beam:230mm (9") Scale:1/24th

These are scale models of two different boats, representing early and late examples from the WW2 period. One is No. 523, a heavily armed 73 foot Type 2 MTB from 1944/5, and the other is 66, an earlier 70 foot craft, though with essentially the same hull form. Both were built by Vosper for the Royal Navy, and our drawings were produced from the original Shipbuilder’s plans, together with some rare wartime photos that were supplied by Vosper themselves from their archives. Several hundred boats of this type were built during WW2, and good drawings for many of them are widely available from a number of sources including John Lambert. Although details of armaments, upper works and smaller details can vary considerably between individual boats, the two hulls shown here can be used to model the majority of wartime Vospers of this general type. The first photo is a wartime shot of 523 at speed while still in Vosper’s hands. The other two pictures show models of the same boat, though as can be seen, many smaller details still have to be added to the model in the centre photo.